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At DollarSellBD, we are committed to usd buy sell Bangladesh  protecting and protecting your privacy and all personal information will be treated fairly by all applicable laws. You must read this privacy policy before you register with us, because when you register with us or ask to find a product or service you agree that we can process without your knowledge which limits your information. Name, address, contact details, payment information / provider, Social Security number (if collected), passport information, as per this communication policy.

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Our Privacy Policy How we use and store your personal information.

We use your information for the following:

Registration and management:

We use your information to enable you to open an account with us. Once your account is done, we will use your details to contact you and to answer any questions or requests you may have. We may use your information to manage your account so that we may periodically contact you to update your account details (which helps keep our records up to date) or to inform you of changes or improvements. Includes changes or improvements to the products or services you provide to us. If we need to exercise our rights we will review, we will also use your information.

Our products and services:

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We use your information to provide our products and services and to meet our contractual obligations. We may also provide you with information about our products and services - this means you will receive our marketing and promotional emails. If you do not wish to receive contact from this country, please contact us.

Crime prevention and investigation:

We may be required to provide your information to governments, regulatory agencies, police / law enforcement agencies or law enforcement agencies. For example, this is done to comply with the legal requirements for crime (money laundering / fraud) or to prevent other legal purposes.

That is
We may share information with you:

Introduce us or any assistance that allows us to share your information;
Everyone works for you;
To assist with our customer database service and maintenance, we will ask you to use your information in anonymous format. We may require customer data testing to ensure that our system can handle a large amount of data. The test system is separate from the external network to ensure that the real-time system is not compromised. Furthermore, to ensure that information is not compromised, we have undertaken various risk assessments and taken security measures to ensure data security.


We record all calls for protection and training purposes.

Privacy / Storage:

We use a secure server to store your information and to ensure that the correct data is stored. For security reasons your data is encrypted. World First stores all information in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Data transfer over the Internet can never be finished. We do not guarantee or guarantee the security of the information transmitted or transmitted electronically, but we will take all steps necessary to provide the best protection. Since we are unable to provide protection, you submit information at our own risk. All DollarSellBD employees are aware of their obligation to protect their information. As long as you are eligible to request, you may receive information about your information about us. It may contain references to another party, or it may protect the information about our ownership in legal rights or for any other legal reason, or we may no longer provide information.

Cookie Policy:

When you visit our website, we do not collect your personal information through any browser. However, we will register your IP address so it will be recognized the next time you visit - we use cookies for processing.